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Cider – A Millennial (those born between 1985 and 2000) Favourite!

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By now most Millennials (those born between 1985 and 2000) have reached the legal drinking age and as a result are shaping the alcoholic beverage industry through their unique values, lifestyle and consumption habits. The global Cider market has evolved with this generation and shows a dynamism that has not been known in the Cider industry for a very long time.

Distinctives in Millennial consumption include:

Adventure seekers

Constantly on the lookout for what’s new, Millennials seek diversity in both taste and flavour. They’re more willing to experiment with different brands and different categories than their older counterparts. They value experiences over materialism, and are therefore willing to pay a premium for a quality drink. Cider has seen an increase in popularity, with the introduction of a wider selection of flavours as well as more premium brands.

Media savvy

According to a global study by B2X, Millennials spend more than 5 hours per day on their phones and get most of their consumer news and input online.

Millennials are visually driven and good design alone can trigger trial. But then they will also dig deeper to test if the stated brand values hold true. If they spot a fake, they disappear like the morning mist!

Millennials love a good story and will pay attention if marketers have compelling content that passes their ‘legit-o-meters’. Those who offer a good tasting, quality drink and stay true to their stated brand values can sleep well at night. That is, if they are willing to continually innovate!

Origin matters

Millennials care about provenance. They know that every product has a story behind it, and they want to know that this story aligns with their values. Aspects such as the environmental impact and the carbon footprint of a brand are important to them.

They want to know more about the stories behind the products that they are consuming, such as the brand heritage, background, production techniques and ingredients. Millennials are increasingly seeking local fare and connections to the farms that grow and produce their food. This is why Loxtonia Cider, with its apples grown on the farm and transported a few hundred metres to an on-site Cidery, ticks all the boxes for this generation.

Healthy living

Millennials scrutinise everything and prefer the products that they consume to be free of any artificial flavourants and preservatives. Consumers who value innovative drinks that are gluten and preservative free and also vegan and environmentally friendly, will find their perfect fit with Loxtonia Cider’s philosophy of ‘Orchard to bottle’.

Loxtonia Cider is a perfect match!

The growing and fast evolving Cider market is ideally positioned to benefit from these developments, none more so than Loxtonia Cider. Loxtonia Cider is made from only the finest varieties of apples, hand-picked by a dedicated team. These apples then travel from the orchards to the farm’s very own Cidery, where the apples are hand-selected before being freshly pressed. The Cidery is powered by its own bank of solar energy panels and makes use of a world renowned water efficient apple press.

After the freshly pressed juice is extracted from the apples, the fermentation process starts, where there is no interference, and no addition of artificial flavourants or preservatives. The end result is a top quality, refreshing and delicious tasting Cider.

You know what they say? The proof is in the (apple) pudding 😉

For more information on Loxtonia Cider, visit: or follow their journey on Instagram | @loxtonia_cider and Facebook | @LoxtoniaCider.

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