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It’s okay to have favourites – which one is yours?

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Are you, like us, counting the days ’til the summer holidays? Finding yourself daydreaming about long, lazy days at the beach or chilling next to a pool? Not to worry – we’re nearly there!

Right now is a crazy time of year with businesses realising all that needs to be done before closing for the Christmas break, festive decorations going up everywhere and shoppers and shopkeepers recovering from a bumper Black Friday. No wonder we long for a break.

People everywhere are starting to get their act together for the merriment ahead, whether it be entertaining at home, day trips away or preparing for that holiday at the coast. A perfect time therefore to introduce Loxtonia Ciders to a thirsty nation, eager for a treat.

Treat your tastebuds

With four delectable Loxtonia Ciders to choose from, we can more or less promise you a taste sensation like none other, whether enjoyed by itself, or paired with food. All our Ciders made from 100% freshly pressed apples with only natural flavourings and absolutely no preservatives. The perfect option for those desiring a healthier drink-option for all the countless end-of-year celebrations ahead! Our Ciders are also 100% vegan friendly and totally gluten free!

To help you in your tasting exploration, let’s introduce you to all four.

Crispy Apple Cider

Our classic apple cider is a refreshingly fruity cider with a smooth crisp finish. This easy-to-drink cider has been crafted with a blend of the finest variety of apples that have been hand-picked from our orchards and freshly pressed. The CrispyApple Cider has a clear and golden straw colour.

Sparkling Apple Cider

This light refreshing cider has been delicately crafted to embody a crisp taste of green apple. It has tones of fruity Prosecco with a lively, bubbly sparkle. Its slightly sweet in nature and balanced by moderate acidity, which brings you a fresh and crisp drink. Clear and a pale yellow in colour, Sparkling Apple Cider is on point for all celebrations, such as a late morning brunch, a birthday lunch or after-work drinks with friends.

Stone Fruit Flavoured Apple Cider

Our stone fruit cider has a bright, fresh peach aroma with notes of both nectarine and apple. A unique cider with a balanced sweetness that ends off with a long dry apple finish to create a characterful, fruity and refreshing medium sweet cider. Perfect for pre-braai drinks, you won’t mind having our good-looking Stone Flavoured Apple Cider straight from the bottle, although with its clear, pale copper colour, it also looks delectable in a tall glass with loads of ice.

Pale Amber Apple Cider

This beer-style cider is made up of natural flavours that allows for a well-rounded and smooth, medium sweet cider. This intriguing and delicious cider with its clear amber colour is unique in that it embodies notes of caramel while ending off with an apple finish.

The question that begs to be answered is how do you choose from the four Loxtonia Ciders? We love them all equally, but our guess is that as you get to enjoy Loxtonia Cider, you will probably develop a stronger affinity for one or the other. And that’s okay, we can learn to live with that. All we ask is that you treat them fairly and give each a sporting chance…and let us know what you think in the process? #LoxtoniaYourWay

Enjoy them all and please share your favourite Cider-food pairing ideas with us!

For more information on Loxtonia Cider, follow their journey on Instagram: @loxtonia_cider and Facebook: @LoxtoniaCider.

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